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We can recover data from the entire range of data storage media, from the humble floppy disc, data pens, CD and DVD’s, camera memory cards, phone cards and SIM’s, hard drives (including RAID drives), Zip discs etc.

DataTech D.T.P.’s I.T. Data Recovery Service is THE complete Data Recovery Solution.

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Case File:
A local photographer had accidentally formatted two camera memory cards containing photographs of a recent wedding.
DataTech D.T.P. were able to recover all of his lost files.

Case File:
A trainee doctor at a local hospital had arranged for data to be sent to her from the U.S.A. on data DVD’s.
One of the discs would not be recognized by any computer into which it was inserted. There was not enough time available for the disc or its data to be re-sent.
We discovered that the file system on the disc had become corrupt but were still able to recover all of the data that it contained.