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We can build fully editable video files from DVD’s, Video CD’s, VHS, VHS C, and other DV tape or media originals.

DataTech D.T.P.’s I.T. Data Recovery Service is THE complete Data Recovery Solution.

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Case File:
A young couple arriving home from a holiday of a lifetime were horrified to discover that the mini DVD in their video camera was not accessible.
DataTech D.T.P. were able to recover the video files from the corrupted disc.

Case File:
A lady visited us with a home produced DVD containing footage of her young son when he had appeared on a T.V. programme several years earlier. The original tape had been disposed of several years earlier.
The DVD had for some reason defied all attempts to duplicate and we also found this to be the case. We were however able to recover the raw video files from the disc and were able to use those to build a new DVD.

Case File:
We were visited by a local business woman who had in her possession three DV Video tapes containing video footage of her employees competing in a world championship event. There was no means available to her of viewing the tapes.
DataTech D.T.P. converted the video files and placed them on a DVD which could be readily viewed and duplicated.