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We specialize in the recovery of entire web-sites. This includes the transfer of sites and domains lost due to the original registrar or hosting company ceasing trading.

DataTech D.T.P.’s I.T. Data Recovery Service is THE complete Data Recovery Solution.

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Case File:
A local business was left with no web-site, email or accessible internet domain when their hosting company went into liquidation.
The domain name had fallen due for renewal but as it had been registered in the name of the now defunct company it was not possible for the client to renew.
Working closely with the client, the Official Receiver, Nominet and the company who managed the original hosting company’s servers we were able to recover all services and to replicate the clients web-site.
Also, with the help of the Official Receiver and Nominet were we able to contact other companies and individuals who were also affected and assist them to recover and gain control of their own domains, web-sites etc.